Morels & Arboretum Reviews – A Two Top Double Feature

The Game Table Podcast
The Game Table Podcast
Morels & Arboretum Reviews - A Two Top Double Feature

Anna and Jared are smelling the freshness of spring and enjoying the changing of the seasons and the weather! There's a draw to get outside and experience all that life has to offer. Naturally, this feeling has spilled over into their gaming. They jump into the forest and forage for mushrooms in Morels and then head over to walk the beautiful paths in Arboretum. Will these older games still feel fresh? Or should they have melted away with winter? Find out as we discuss!

Publisher: Two Lantern Games
Designer: Brent Povis
Artists: Vince Dorse, Jarek Nocoń, Brent Povis

Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Designer: Dan Cassar
Artists: Philippe Guérin, Chris Quilliams, Beth Sobel

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Jared on BGG
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Morels BGG Link
Arboretum BGG Link

How to Play:
Morels: Board Simple
Arboretum: Peaky Boardgamer

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