Robot Quest Arena – A Featured Table Review

Robot Quest Arena Box Top
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Robot Quest Arena - A Featured Table Review

Anna and Jared discuss the rock’em sock’em robot battling deck builder, Robot Quest Arena by White Wizard Games. Do you remember the 90s? Late nights on Comedy Central watching really intelligent nerds who built murderous machines to battle it out against each other all in the names of Fame and Glory!?! Maybe you watched a great movie like Real Steel with Hugh Jackman and have always dreamed of battling it out against another robot. Regardless of how you got here, let’s sit down at the table and discuss Robot Quest Arena.

Game Overview

Robot Quest Arena is a 2-4 player deckbuilding battle arena board game. You’ll pilot battle bots, powered by various cards that you play on your turn from your deck. Batteries grant energy for movement, weapon activation, and/or purchasing new cards for your deck. Weapons act as…well… weapons. Function cards are your wild card customization of your bot to gain the advantage. As you navigate the arena’s obstacles, blast and smash opponents, and lay traps, tension at the table reaches an all time high. Destroyed bots respawn each round, ensuring non-stop action! In the end, it’s not about how many bots you kill, but the full measure of destruction and mayhem that you caused along the way!


Publisher: White Wizard Games, Perfect Day
Designer: Robert DoughertyCJ MoynihanPaul Waite
Artists: Not Credited

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