The Game Table Podcast - a Podcast where we take a look at various board, card, and other tabletop games.


We talk about a variety of tabletop games. Each episode we try to focus in on a single game – or occasionally a group of games – and discuss our thoughts. The goal is to give you an idea of how it plays to decide if its a good fit for you and your table. We love bringing people into the hobby and introducing new folks to games. We hope that this podcast helps you in your tabletop journey. 


We release new episodes every week. A typical month includes the following:
– Two Featured Table Review. These reviews are our premiere focus. It’s what we started with and what we will lean on as we grow. 

– One Kid’s Table Review. These reviews are focused on kids games. Usually, one or more of Jared’s kid’s (Faith, Joy, and Hope) join in on the discussion!

– Two Top Reviews. These reviews focus on games that we believe play best with two players. 


Ian and Jared became friends through a church retreat. After the retreat, they found out they were both into board games and started going to the same game night. From there a friendship and an obsession grew. Many late nights of dogfights in Star Wars: X-wing or trying to save the world in Marvel Champions, their gaming interests have grown and evolved over time. 


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We would love your feedback and to be able to discuss games, the hobby, or just life in general!

Thanks for joining us at the table!

Hey there, I'm Ian! Co-Host with Jared at The Game Table Podcast.

I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. My journey started out like many others, with games like Monopoly, the Game of Life, and Risk. I eventually stumbled upon two games called Puerto Rico and Nuclear War, and that began my fascination for games and the expansive world of board gaming. From there, I began to collect and play many different types of board games, and it’s something I’m passionate about to this day! 

I love the experience that gaming provides; friends bonding at the table, all focused on the same thing: having fun. A few of my favorite games are Marvel Champions, Wingspan, and Terraforming Mars.

I will play (almost) any game (sorry to any Monopoly fans out there, I’ve hung up my monocle and top hat for good), and always enjoy sharing my opinion honestly so that everyone can get connected to a game they will love. 

Thanks for tuning in! Can’t wait for you to join us as we dive into the world of gaming!

Ian Mansfield

Hello there! My name is Jared, and I'm the other Co-host of The Game Table Podcastalong with my good buddy, Ian.

I can not tell you how excited I am to start this journey of podcasting! It has been an exciting, intimidating, and – at times – overwhelming world (I’m sure me being a perfectionist has nothing to do with it ). My hope for this podcast is that both Ian and myself are able to provide some entertainment, insight, and a little bit of joy as we look at the various games of the tabletop industry.

I’ve always loved games. Growing up, I played a lot more video games than tabletop games. My wife and I love finding things to do together and we were given the opportunity to dip our toes into tabletop games. Before I knew it, we had a collection that spans a wall and a half that have seen many board and card games come and go. Somewhere in the middle of all that, we found D&D… but that’s a whole other story (We love that too!).

As I have spent time in this hobby, I’ve had the opportunity to learn my tastes, other people’s tastes, and what looks beyond amazing but will never see the light of day because both time and responsibilities are a thing. Learning what other people will enjoy and navigating them through an evening of interactive communal fun has become a real passion of mine. Part of my passion for this podcast is to be able to show others what they may or may not like, and I hope we figure out how to achieve that through this endeavor.

A few of my favorite board games are Stockpile, Ark Nova, Between Two Cities, and Five Tribes. Like Ian, I’m a big fan of the card game, Marvel Champions. I also have the overwhelming joy of introducing my girls to gaming. They currently enjoy Dragomino, My Little Scythe, Zoo Break, and Kid’s Chronicles: Quest for the Moonstones.

Again, I’m so excited to start this journey and I am beyond humbled by anyone who will walk with us down this unknown path. Thank you so much for even just reading this. Whether you listen or move on, may your dice rolls and your card draws be blessed, and your experiences at the table be ones to remember forever.

Jared Snyder