Our End of Year Review

The Game Table Podcast
The Game Table Podcast
Our End of Year Review

Ian and Jared take a look back over 2023 remembering gaming experiences that were  good, and, well, maybe not so good. They also look ahead to 2024 discussing games they are excited to review in the coming year as well as goals they have for both themselves and the podcast.

From Ian, Julia, Anna, Jared, Faith, and Joy – we hope you had an amazing Holiday season, we wish you a very happy new year, and we once again say THANK YOU for the incredible support that you have given us these six months. We are beyond humbled and extremely grateful. We hope you've enjoyed our content to this point, and are excited to grow and do more in 2024! 

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And as always: May your dice rolls and your card draws be blessed, and your experiences at the table be ones to remember, forever. 

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